Class Descriptions

We get it! It’s important to know more about a class that fits your goals and expectations. Here you will find the class descriptions. If you need further clarification, do not hesitate to call us or text us at 844-972-7653. If you want to begin your pole dancing journey and are brand new to pole fitness, then the first class to take is Intro to Pole. Classes that are “Intro,” are a great way for absolute beginners or returning students to jump start at P2P! Here you will find what we recommend you wear and what you should bring with you.

Intro to Pole

In Intro level classes, those new to pole and new to the studio will develop a basic understanding of what pole dance is all about. (No, it’s not just for strippers!) First-time pole dancers will be able to get comfortable with the pole while learning basic spins and how to safely climb the pole. This class breaks down pole fundamentals and includes a mini choreographed routine encompassing the basics learned. Intro to Pole is where every dancer develops their foundation to build on in higher level classes. It is STRONGLY recommended that those new to Pole to Pole Fitness take Intro to Pole three times before advancing to P2P101. Wear shorts and do not apply any type of lotion or cream to hands or body the day of your scheduled class.


Combine sexy dance moves with strength training that will help you become comfortable on the pole. Beginner polers will stay in 101 as long as they need to in order to become proficient in the skills necessary to test out. Dancer will learn various grips and strength building techniques for basic climbs and spins. Each class begins with a warm up to help you engage muscles needed for use on the pole. All elements are taught on both left and right sides. Wear shorts and tank top or sports bra. Heels optional. Kneepads recommended.

P2P102 (Intermediate Level)

Improve and further develop pole technique in this intermediate class. Intermediate polers will stay in 102 as long as they need to in order to become proficient in the skills necessary to test out. Dancers will engage their core to begin inversion preparations. **Enrollment in P2P102 is dependent on the instructor’s permission and the poler’s ability to successfully test out of P2P101. Everyone’s development is different. ** Wear shorts and tank top or sports bra. Heels and kneepads optional.


Now a proud poler, you are ready to release full confidence and grace during involved warm-up exercises in preparation of more complex pole moves and combos. Floor exercises and advanced pole positions are combined to create spicy routines to showcase your developed empowerment and strength. Level 103 polers will stay in 103 as long as they need to in order to become proficient in the skills necessary to test out. **Enrollment in P2P103 is dependent on the instructor’s permission and the poler’s ability to successfully test out of P2P102.Everyone’s development is different** Wear shorts and tank top or sports bra. Heels and kneepads optional.

P2P Spinning (101 and 102)

Now that you know the basics of pole and have a strong foundation, take static to spinning pole. These classes teach you all the tricks and spins you love on the spinning pole. You do not need to be an expert, but at least three months of pole experience is recommended for these classes. P2P101 Spinning (Non-Invert) and P2P102 Spinning (Inverts). Wear shorts and tank top or sports bra. Heels and kneepads optional.

P2P Remix or Mixxy (Pole)

Classes labeled as Remix or Mixxy are sessions that blend various skill levels. You will participate in an integrated class with multiple options. In Remix classes, there will be two different levels, whereas Mixxy classes will incorporate all levels into one session. This provides an excellent opportunity for higher-level students to revisit fundamentals and for lower-level students to envision future possibilities once they have completed their initial stages of development.

Exotic Russian Flow

A low flow class performed on static pole that focuses on combining trick elements with sexy floor work. Mixing aspects of complex base work and various grips, this class builds strength and control like nothing else. Typically performed at a slower pace, every body part is recruited to create and support fluid shapes and lines. Learn the power of eye contact and suggestive movements while honing in on the technical difficulty of more advanced moves and skills. Wear comfortable workout clothes that make you feel sexy. Leg warmers recommended if wearing shorts. Heels and knee pads strongly suggested.

P2Pole Flow

Get ready to unleash your inner dancer and take your pole tricks to the next level in our exciting class! Join us as we dive into the art of adding flow and flair to your moves using the pole, base (low flow), and even the floor as entries and exits to your choreography. Our main objective? To ignite your creativity, stimulate your own unique flow, and let you freestyle like never before, all while incorporating the various choreographies you’ll learn throughout the class. To ensure your comfort and safety, don’t forget to bring along your trusty knee-high socks and knee pads. And let’s not forget the cherry on top – Pleaser shoes! These fabulous heels will not only boost your confidence but also add that extra touch of sass to your routines. Remember, the more, the merrier! We need a minimum of three participants to hold these fabulous classes. So grab your friends, unleash your imagination, and let’s have a blast together as we dance, flow, and create magic on the pole!

Liquid Motion

Liquid Motion® is a method and style of dance and movement education that is brought to the general public through safe, fun, and educational classes and certification trainings worldwide. Liquid Motion® primarily utilizes the floor as its classroom, working from the ground up. The Liquid Motion® method trains students and teachers using floor work techniques that translate universally to all types of movement. Its creator, Jeni Janover, has rewritten the way the movement industry teaches sensual floor work and has changed the way we as a visual and performing arts culture interacts with you, the client. Our approach makes Liquid Motion® accessible to the masses – we don’t just “roll around on the floor.” The Liquid Motion® program will challenge you both physically and mentally in ways traditional floor work and sensual movement classes never have. The end result is breathtaking and life changing. Liquid Motion® is recognized around the world for its seamless, organic and hypnotic quality of movement. The Liquid Motion® approach is designed by real people, for real people, which means you will be successful…we guarantee it.
Bring Knee High Socks
Knee Pads
Pleaser Shoes (OPTIONAL)

P2P Aerial Hammocks

P2P Aerial Hammocks is the hippest new form of aerial exercise offered at Pole to Pole Fitness. You will be combining the grace and strength of circus moves with the zen and flow of traditional yoga. Using a looped fabric hammock as a prop to enhance posture and to invert without compressing your spine, this form of yoga allows you to reach a deeper stretch and receive an incredible core work out. Wear leggings and a shirt with sleeves. Socks optional.

P2P Aerial Silks

This class is for the absolute beginner. Students will learn the basics of various moves, ideal form and technique, and safety of the silk apparatus. They will start to develop the unique strength and flexibility required for aerial silks. It’s strongly recommended that students take Hammocks or Intro to Pole for at least two months prior to taking this class to ensure they have the required upper body conditioning to participate. Wear leggings and a shirt with sleeves. Socks optional.

P2P Aerial Hoops (Lyra) & Cube

This class is for the absolute beginner. Students will learn the basics of various moves, ideal form and technique, and safety on the lyra apparatus. They will start to develop the unique strength and flexibility required for aerial hoop (lyra). Wear leggings and a long sleeve shirt. Socks required.

P2P Aerial Kids (Ages 7-12 ONLY)

Introducing P2P Aerial Kids – Where the Sky is the Limit for Young Aerialists!
Hey there, young explorers! ? Are you ready to take flight and discover the world of aerial arts? Welcome to P2P Aerial Kids, where we’ve designed an exciting class just for you, aged 7 to 12 years old. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of movement and creativity through the enchanting world of Aerial Silks and Hoop!
**Aerial Silks and Hoops Adventures Await!**
In our one-of-a-kind class, you’ll have the chance to experience both Aerial Silks and Hoops, two fantastic aerial apparatuses that will let your imagination soar. Whether you dream of being a graceful aerial dancer or a daring acrobat, this class is your gateway to making those dreams come true.
**Parents Welcome on Day One!**
We understand that starting something new can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. That’s why parents are invited to stay and watch during the first class. We want you to feel comfortable and confident as you begin your aerial journey.
**What to Wear**
To ensure your safety and comfort during class, please wear the following:
– Leggings or sweatpants: These will protect your legs and help you move with ease.
– Socks: Keep those feet cozy and secure.
– Cap sleeves that cover your armpits: This helps prevent any discomfort while performing aerial moves.
? **Fly High with Us for 1 Hour and 15 Minutes!** ?
During our 1 hour and 15-minute class, you’ll have the opportunity to spread your wings and experience the joy of aerial artistry. Get ready to defy gravity, build strength, and unleash your inner circus star!
Are you ready to embark on this amazing adventure? Join us at P2P Aerial Kids and let your creativity take flight like never before. We can’t wait to see you soar high above the ground!
**Come and Join the Aerial Fun!**

P2P Barre

Barre is a ballet-inspired, low impact aerobic class that will tone and tighten the body, increase flexibility, improve balance and endurance, and burn fat. The alignments and positions stem from classical ballet techniques and combine the core exercises and movements utilized in strength training. This class is recommended for pole and aerial fitness conditioning. Wear comfortable workout clothes.

P2P Chair

Welcome to our Chair Dancing class, where we take your dance moves to new heights and challenge you to push your limits! In this class, we combine the artistry of dance with the strength and flexibility of acrobatics to create mesmerizing illusions that will leave you wondering, “How did they do that?”
Using a chair as our prop, we’ll learn a variety of choreographed routines that showcase the power and grace of the human body. We’ll explore new dimensions of movement, challenge our balance and strength, and build our core muscles to new heights.
But that’s not all – we’ll also incorporate acrobatic tricks and illusions into our routines to create a truly unforgettable experience. From handstands to splits to flips, you’ll learn to take your dance moves to new heights and create stunning visuals that will captivate any audience.
And of course, we’ll focus on flexibility as well, using stretches and exercises to help you achieve greater range of motion and move with even greater fluidity and grace.
So whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a newbie to the dance world, come join us and discover the power of Chair Dancing! You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and the illusions you can create with a little bit of creativity, strength, and flexibility.

Booty Camp and Conditioning

Bring sexy into exercising when we take fitness aids (weights, balls, bands, etc.) to a whole new level. Strengthen your core and improve flexibility while adhering to pole drills and cross-training skills in this one hour class. This class is strongly recommended for pole conditioning and its cardiovascular endurance benefits. Wear comfortable workout clothes. No sneakers required.

P2P Flexy

Now is your chance to learn how to be flexible for pole and the bedroom. By using stretching techniques meant to elongate and elasticize your muscles, you’ll gain mobility you didn’t know you were capable of. Increased flexibility will boost your confidence on the pole and during choreography. Each class will feature active and static stretches, use of proper turnout to create long and limber legs, and will rotate various muscle groupings. Wear comfortable workout clothes. Legwarmers recommended if wearing shorts. No heels required.

P2P Handstands

Spend an hour with us learning to stand on your hands! This class will focus on the importance of the handstand in all forms, helping you to overcome the fear of inversion and learn the proper technique and alignment of the handstand, tuck, straddle and press. Even if you’ve never performed a handstand ever in your life, this class has been designed to give you the confidence you need to get your hands standing! Wear comfortable workout clothes.

P2P Belly Dancing

Belly dance, also referred to as Arabic dance is an expressionist type of dance that originated in Egypt and emphasizes complex movements of the torso. Belly dancing at P2P is an infused combination of tribal and ancient movements. This class is open to all levels. No prior experience is required. Wear comfortable workout clothes.

P2P Restorative Yoga Express

Restorative yoga is about distressing your body. Opening the body up to relax and unwind. Relieving anxiety and restoring muscles by holding poses loner in a comfortable/meditative state with props. Also amazing after a hard workout.

***Bring a blanket and pillows
Class Minimum: Class Minimum: ***We love last minute walk-ins, but if you know you are planning to attend class, please reserve your spot online. Any class with less than 3 participants will unfortunately have to be canceled.