Silence the Negativity By Jen R.

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Blog

As we marvel at the incredible talent of pole dancers on social media and at pole events, we witness nothing short of remarkable success. We recognize the physical demands and diligently learn the muscle engagement and steps required to accomplish these awe-inspiring moves and performances. However, do we ever pause to consider that our bodies can only perform when our minds are in the right place?

I can honestly say that some of my most powerful moves originated from the darkest and most incredible moments of my life. Similarly, my mind often fixated on constant failure, impeding my progress and hindering the achievement of certain moves. While some individuals may choose to give up or believe that pole dancing is not for them, I am wired differently. I firmly believe that there are no limits to what can be accomplished, even when a coach suggests that certain moves may be unattainable based on physical attributes. I respectfully disagree and will likely never accept such a statement.

Throughout the years of my training, as well as observing others’ journeys, I have come to realize that the mind is the most potent asset in the realm of pole dancing and aerial fitness. It is no longer a matter of merely practicing the moves; I have learned to manifest them. I am also aware that my past failures have delayed my achievements. While my body may not always be physically ready, more often than not, it is my mind that has kept it confined.

There are instances when we perceive a move as easy, only to discover that it is far more challenging than anticipated. It is yet another example of the mind playing tricks on us or proving that with the right mindset, anything is attainable. It is essential to periodically reassess ourselves, recognizing that it is not always our bodies that hold us back but rather our own mental barriers.

I relentlessly pursue moves that I cannot yet perform because I believe that sometimes these moves taunt our minds. And personally, I detest being cornered. It is crucial to examine our thoughts and silence the negativity that may be holding us back.