Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions to make your visit to us fun and affective towards your goal.

New to Pole to Pole Fitness?

It’s okay if you have two left feet, no upper body strength and no experience on the pole whatsoever. Just sign up for the Intro to Pole class and learn what pole dance is all about. (No, it’s not just for strippers!) In this class, first-time pole dancers will become acclimated to the pole while learning basic climbs, develop an understanding of pole fitness fundamentals, and build strength. You will also have the chance to let your inner diva shine while learning to do sexy walks around the pole, and setting fierce pole choreography to music towards the end of class.


Experienced but New to Pole to Pole Fitness?

If you have taken pole class before but are new to Pole to Pole Fitness, we recommend you enroll in our Practice Pole class. During your first session of Practice Pole, you will be asked to demonstrate the fundamentals of pole dance so we can determine your level and place you in the proper class. Call or email us for additional information on the fundamentals you will need to demonstrate.

About Class Scheduling?

To find out about class times, visit the class schedule page on our website. You can also download our smartphone application for real-time schedule updates. Click here to download the app for your iPhone or Android.

Pre- Register!

Scheduling online or calling the studio guarantees you space! All class spots are reserved on a first come basis. Don’t take the chance of walking in and potentially getting turned away if the class is full. Sign up online or call the studio to guarantee your spot! CALL US BEFOREHAND TO GET FURTHER INFORMATION!


We know you are on the verge of full empowerment, but even polers have rules to live by!

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service to create a fun and productive environment for our ladies. To ensure we meet this expectation, all our participants must understand the following:

Dress to sweat and impress

Look the part by wearing shorts, tank tops, and sports bras that expose arms and legs. But don’t wear just any work-out clothes; wear your favorites. After all, when you look good, you feel good. And we want you to feel good at Pole to Pole Fitness!***Please review class descriptions for required attire.

Be your competition

The best way to improve is to challenge yourself. This is a fully supportive, no-judgment zone after all! Leave the criticism at home.

Refrain from slip and slide

No one likes ashy skin, but the application of lotions and creams before class may hinder your performance and make you prone to injury.

Be fashionably early

The ladies who show the most improvement are the polers who show up on time for class – early enough to participate in warm-ups. Warms up are the most important part of the class. New pole dancers should arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out all the necessary forms.

Tap into your natural high

Our classes provide a fun, encouraging, and relaxed atmosphere, so the use of alcohol and drugs is not necessary. Pole dancing under the influence is not allowed.

Show off those cute feet!

For safety purposes and performance enhancement, all shoes and socks must be removed before entering the studio.

Hide the goodies

They may let it all hang out at the club, but that’s not necessary at the studio. Resist the urge to wear G-strings, thongs, or nothing at all!

Perfect your autograph

We, your biggest fans, request your signature on waivers. This way everyone knows what to expect when it comes to classes and membership.

Rollovers are for warm-ups

Unused classes are not permitted for rollovers into the next membership package.

Broken promises are not tolerated

We understand life gets pretty hectic, but that doesn’t grant you a refund for classes canceled with less than a 24 hours notice or parties canceled less than 14 days in advance.

Appetites are best left at home

No one enjoys feeling sluggish or dealing with messy floors. That’s why we request you satisfy your appetite before class. However, you are encouraged to quench your thirst with water.

Reservations are golden

While women of all shapes and sizes are welcome, we can’t guarantee a class without a reservation. Sign-up for class at least 2 hours before it’s start time.

Everything has its season

Nothing good lasts forever. That’s why we require packages to be used within three months of purchase

Your belongings have value

We can’t be held responsible for your items. Place all belongings in cubbies before the start of class.

Class time is not show time

Spectators are not permitted in the classroom. However, if you want to show off your new moves you can participate in our recitals and invite your friends!